What is RiskTech® Energy50?

RiskTech® Energy50 is an annual ranking of the top 50 players in the market for risk and energy technology. It is produced by the research and analysis firm Chartis Research.

You can read the report from last year here.


Who is ranked?

Any provider/vendor in the energy technology market can be analyzed for the RiskTech® Energy50 rankings. Vendors are asked to complete a submission form, which asks for detailed information about their offerings and their company.


How do I take part?

If you sell risk technology and would like to be considered for next year’s rankings, please contact us and we’ll send you a submission form next year.


Can I attend the awards event?

Please find the Join Us button at the top of the page to find the link to where you can register for the RiskTech® Energy50 awards web event or find the registration page.


When is the 2023 report published?

The 2023 report, along with the awards video, will be published on 5th April 2023.


How do I find out more – can I speak to somebody?

Of course – for all RiskTech® Energy50-related queries, contact us and we will be happy to arrange for someone to speak to you.