Storm 2024

The STORM event is a deep dive into the evolving world of QuantTech, Insurance Analytics, and more. This event features discussions on industry trends and unveils the leaders from the STORM report, celebrating innovation in financial technology.

Chartis STORM 2024

Forecasting Innovation: The Chartis STORM Experience


June 12-13, 2024 - 9am EDT / 2pm GMT

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About the event

We are proud to invite you to STORM 2024 taking place on June 12th and 13th, 2024. This event will provide an in-depth exploration of the transformative trends shaping QuantTech, Insurance Analytics, Retail Finance Analytics and Buyside Risk. This event features discussions on industry trends and unveils the leaders from the Chartis Research STORM report, celebrating innovation in financial technology.

  • June 12th: Join us for QuantTech50 and Buyside Risk50, exploring cross-sectional capabilities, market dynamics, and portfolio management. We will also unveil the leading vendors revolutionizing these sectors with their unparalleled innovations.
  • June 13th: Introducing Insurance Analytics50 and Retail Finance Analytics50, from risk management in insurance to groundbreaking advancements in retail finance. Through the day we will celebrate the vendors at the forefront of these fields, setting new benchmarks of excellence.

If you're a professional in finance or technology, particularly in quantitative analysis or fraud detection, this event is designed with you in mind. Discover cutting-edge trends and network with industry trailblazers.

Immerse yourself in the future of finance at STORM 2024. Register today.

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